Saturday, June 18, 2011

A brief update on me and the family

1. Homeschooling is great. I have learned so much about the process and about myself. I have learned tons about my kids.
- their eating habits
- their preferred sleep habits
- when they get grumpy
- their love languages
- their conflict styles
- how to stop conflict before it starts
- their learning styles

2. I have been reading a TON (since I have no technological link to the outside world)
2 books on composting
2 books on raising chickens
3 books on organic gardening
1 book about Labyrinths
9 books on landscaping (ideas, pictures, design plans, how-to's)
1 book on how to read a book
1 book on the anatomy of Yoga (currently reading)

Oh and I am just about to finish up Rob bell's book, Love Wins.

3. I have watched my husband lose 60+ pounds.
Amazing to see Creighton successfully achieve his goal. He finally just decided to go for it. So proud of him. He is running too.

4. I have watched myself gain 10 pounds.
Here are the contributing factors.
- I no longer have a job that keeps me walking for 6 hours a day
- my whole world is less than 30 steps from my kitchen
- I have not been exercising since we quit Lifetime Fitness in KC
- I feed my kids 3 full meals and intermittent snacks everyday
- I have drank more wine these past 5 months than I ever have before
- I felt isolated and a little depressed for the first few months of our move

The good news is that I feel like I am getting a handle on it and have lost a few of the pounds back. I think I am on the mend.

5. We joined the country club.
This has been a huge blessing because my children and I are finally able to meet people. They have made some friends (just before they revolted on me for taking them away from their life in Overland Park). We joined the club swim team - which is exposing the kids to competitive swimming in a fun, low commitment kind of a way.
In the fall, we plan to get golf clubs and try to learn to play golf.

No computer for 5 months

I returned my Macbook pro to the church when I left Resurrection January 20. Creighton had his laptop still, so I borrowed it from time to time to blog, surf, watch hulu, shop, pay bills....etc.
Well, It got old and fried one day so NEITHER of us had a computer. Creighton relied on his iPad to keep him going. But I have had zilcho. Ugh.
Finally, he has a new Macbook pro which he keeps with him at all times.

I am still pining for a new mac. But it will take another couple of months for me to save up the dough to get it.
In the meantime, I am sneaking some time on Creighton's laptop while he is out running this morning.

A few blissful moments to blog, surf, watch hulu, shop, pay bills....etc.