Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Petting Zoo - Sunday

While we lived in Lawrence, we heard about this place called Deanna Rose Childrens Farmstead. We visited it twice and the kids LOVED it.
I knew it was in the city but never really paid attention to the actual location - - because I rarely pay attention to where I am going, especially if I am not driving.
Come to find out, Deanna Rose is literally 3 minutes from my house!!
I am so excited!
We took the kids on Saturday and on Sunday.

Cos fell asleep on Sunday because we went during his usual naptime. So I just snuggled with him for an hour while the other kids played.

What a dreamy day.

One of our last temperate days till spring....

Soak it in sister.

Winter's a-comin'.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thinking about election day....

I feel pretty confident about Obama - - but now and then I waiver.
I am PRO-LIFE, and I, like so many of my friends want abortion to end. If I was a one-issue voter, I would not check the Obama box. But when I look at the big picture - I see Obama as the transformational leader this nation needs.

Health Care
Global Playing Well With Others....

On these issues, Obama has a more compelling message of hope and change.

I know that Gov't programs are failing at truly caring for the working poor and the homeless, union systems are in need of repair, Universal Healthcare won't solve all of our medical problems and hard-working Americans like my dad will be taxed at a heavier level.
But I don't hear any plausible alternatives from John McCain.
And I DO think that reform is in our future.
I don't want to be cliche but I do believe that there is hope for this country.

I am willing to give Barack a chance to lead us to a better place.

We'll see what happens on the 4th....

Obsession de jour: Pumpkin Ale

Watch out Hornsby's Crisp Apple Hard Cider! This fall you have some competition. Pumpkin Ale. My friend Janelle introduced it to me.

At first it tastes like Ale.
Then, it tastes like pumpkin pie.

You might be thinking, "eeew". But give it a try!
It's quite good. Especially on a cool autumn evening.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some pics of my new pad

Master Bath
Kitchen view to back yard

More to come....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hello again!

I have been off the radar for a couple o weeks...

We sold our house in Lawrence and bought a house in Overland Park. We had a three week window to get out of the Lawrence house and get into something else. Everything worked out beautifully (even though we were homeless for 3 days). But our moving truck came to our new residence yesterday and everyone slept in their own bed last night!

Now, my commute is 8 minutes door to door.

Big thanks to Jen and Lance Johnson for letting us have a family sleep-over. Thanks to Lynn Carter and Shannon Ocsody for taking children off my hands for a while so I could pack up my house.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

To Buy or Not To Buy

So.... We are stuck right on the fence. Should we buy and gain instant equity - taking the risk of owning property in this scary market? Or should we rent - free from the commitment of ownership but not gaining any equity and "throwing away" our rent money?

It seems like renting would be a good option right now. To not be tied down to property in light of America's financial crisis sounds good. But if we buy and weather the recession, we will probably come out on top in the end.

What is the smartest thing to do?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Refresh 2008

I am the coordinator for Refresh '08, a conference for United Methodists in campus ministry.
If you know ANYONE in ministry with college students or on a campus ministry board, or someone remotely interested in campus ministry - - Please pass on the info for Refresh.

Refresh is a highly interactive 3 days of resourcing and connecting with others in our specialized ministry.

December 15th - 18th 2008. The Woodlands UMC, The Woodlands TX.