Monday, April 29, 2013

Easter and A Resurrection Garden

I usually dread Easter every year. My homeschool kids don't want to buy Easter outfits, they don't even want to shower half the time. 11am on Easter morning at First Church, Anytown, USA is stressful to say the least. That is why last year, we decided to start a new tradition: Sunrise service, breakfast out, and fun/meaningful activities back at the house for the remainder of the day.
This year, we located a worshipping congregation on the lake who was hosting a sunrise service at 6am. What a blessing it was to sit near the water, gaze at the rising sun, and celebrate the Risen Christ.

Once we got back home, we had our easter egg hunt (that obligatory cultural tip of the hat) which the kids still continue to thoroughly enjoy. We make it harder and harder each year, so it's fun for mom and dad.
After all the children were sufficiently stuffed with chocolate :), we went inside to work on our Resurrection Gardens.

We have been wanting to do this craft together for a couple of years. Finally, we just carved out the time and energy to make it happen!
Supplies: a clay pot, a clay base, soil, grass seed, a rock to cover the "empty tomb", and sticks gathered from outside to make the cross.

Overall, the children were more pleased with Easter this year than any of our previous years together. Hopefully we will continue to be intentional as we turn our hearts toward the most important holiday in the Christian year!