Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My hen house is finished!

My wonderful Husband built me the henhouse of my dreams! The roof, the siding and the door, are repurposed materials. For nesting boxes, we used plastic 5gallon home depot tubs. And as for their evening roosting, we cut crape myrtle branches and fastened them to the walls so the chickens can roost off the ground on a rounded comfortable branch. It is 16X16. Big enough for about 30 hens. Right now I have 10, so hoping to build up my flock soon! I turn them out during the day so they can forage for bugs and greens. They are so lovely. And they are keeping up with our egg consumption - which is so nice!

At some point I will start selling my organic eggs. Said Creighton, "Awesome, that means that by 2020, we will have our hen house paid for...."

Sunday, February 5, 2012

EWOK VILLAGE: Phase 1 of 3

Creighton has finished the first phase of our EWOK village. Two more structures to come, plus a bridge over the creek. I don't know who is having more fun with this property - the kids or us!!

This structure is two story. The first story has a 5 foot head clearing. The second level is lined with bamboo we cut right off our property. Each level is a 10x8 space for the kids to play on. And the upper level has a "porch" (one side that is open for them to dangle legs off).