Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Guess I need a job

Wow. We came to Kansas with the funding for my position all secure (I have been supported for the last 4 years by a foundation grant). They have informed us that due to an unforeseen decrease in giving, they can no longer continue said funding. :(

It sucks because now I have to find a job!

Perhaps I am done with church work.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Goliath Takedown

As the spring semester comes to a close, I want to give a shout out to Creighton for his mad video skills. Not only is he a fabulous preacher and leader - but he is a movie producer as well!

Our series this semester at Wesley was called iHuman. The life of David.

You can't talk about David without mentioning his valiant Goliath Takedown, so to bulwark the nigh, we put this video together. Enjoy!

Biblical Fidelity

The more I read scripture, the less I understand. The closer I get, the less familiar I become. I am committed to biblical fidelity, I'm just saying - I am kindof in a funk with the Word these days.
I would never break up, its just.... we need to clarify some things here. I need a DTR.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Who Made God?

It seems like there has been a trend in my life group this past year. A trend toward questions - tough ones. I have loved that we used -just the bible- for our discussion text the entire school year. However, as we read through the Gospels and other eye-witness accounts of Jesus, we always ended up with more questions than answers. For our Summer reading, the girls have selected an interesting book. Ravi Zacharias has co-penned a book called Who Made God? And Answers To Over 100 Other Tough Questions Of Faith.
I am really looking forward to exploring questions with them. I relish their honesty and the beautiful balance of their passionate pursuit of God and vulnerability about their questions.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Mario is my hero!

It was an amazing last second shot. Chalmers kept his cool and threw up a three pointer to tie the game and send us into overtime. This was the momentum Kansas needed to gain composure and take the championship for 2008!!
3 cheers for Mario!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Our visit with Nana

Nana (Creighton's mom) has been with us for a week. What a blessing. She came so that we could go on our marriage retreat and not worry about getting babysitters together for our time away.
I realize that I have begun to "lighten up" about her visits and just be thankful.

You see, she comes into my house and critiques my cleaning practices and my parenting skills. She makes comments about my cooking (or lack thereof) and my laundry (or mammoth piles thereof). She lets my children watch TV 24/7 and brings them movies, half of which I do not approve of. She cooks 4 course meals and makes everyone clean their plates. She's bossy.

Guess what. Who cares. I just need to chill out. She loves my kids and my kids love her. She reads them books and tells them bedtime stories for an hour before bed. She takes them to play at McDonalds and buys them nuggets and ice cream. She WANTS to spend time with them and know them. She wants them to know her. She makes time to come see them.

That is what truly matters.

District Committee Interview Tomorrow!

Pray for me! My district committee interview for ordination is tomorrow - - I am not sure what to expect. Some say they could be clueless, others say they could be hostile.
God help me trust you and place my work in ministry into your hands. I know that I am called to serve you whether a committee tells me so or not!