Sunday, July 22, 2007

How about Venus?

I want to use proper language with my children when describing genitalia. With boys, it's easy. It's a penis. Plain and simple. With girls, a bit more tricky. There is a urethra, a vagina, a vulva - - and so much more.
I want to give my daughter the correct lingo, but what is the correct lingo?
So I decided to make up my own correct lingo. I am going to call it Venus. Adequately describes the mystery and complexity of the whole system. Merely a bonus that it rhymes with penis.
I know no one will ever read this - that is why I even felt the freedom to write it. :)

Friday, July 20, 2007


I tevo'd Discovery Channel's "Planet Earth" episodes. Just getting around to viewing them. Absolutely breathtaking. As I watch, I shake my head in belief. Intelligent design is an under-statement.
Something is happening to me as I witness all the perilous and glorious wonder occurring around the globe.... I am starting to care.
Maybe there is some sort of subliminal messaging system between frames, brainwashing me at a subconscious level - I am not sure. But there is a stirring within me to actually make myself aware of my consumption and waste, my consumerism and apathy. For many years I have paid lip service to "green" efforts and conservation. I have even had seasons of recycling and choosing paper over plastic. Aren't I special?
Not to discount those things, but that is the bare minimum we should ALL be doing - ALL the time! There are a multitude of things beyond that we can participate in. has lots of ideas about how we can make a big difference with just a few minor adjustments to our lifestyles.
Recycling is so simple. Just google "recycling" and "Lawrence" (or your own city), and whaddayaknow - - lists and lists of drop-off centers, city efforts and even curbside services (for a small fee).

I want to challenge you as I challenge myself, to take just one step toward preserving the awe and beauty that exists around God's creation.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Random Stemware

I'm sipping on a half-glass of wine (little penguin merlot, vintage 1 year ago) in a crystal goblet my mom gave me. She started a crystal goblet collection for my sister and I when we were in our twenties. She found great deals on single goblets, so now each of us has a montage of 10 or 12 random stems. I love it. Even for practical reasons -- when people come over, they will not be confused as to which goblet is theirs. Mainly I love my collection because my mom gave it to me. She was always on the lookout for a stemware steal.
We have a cousin named Kathy. Mom attemped the collection for her as well. Kathy's mom, my Aunt Vicki, a T-totaller (nothing wrong with that) forbade my mom from buying her daughter any item that would encourage the use of alcohol. So my mom started Kathy a crystal candle-holder collection instead.
I wonder if tonight, my cousin Kathy is sitting in her living room on her laptop starting her blogpost with, "I'm lighting a votive in a crystal candle-holder my aunt gave me..."
Just a little thing, a memory of my mom that makes me smile.
Sweet dreams.