Monday, July 2, 2007

Random Stemware

I'm sipping on a half-glass of wine (little penguin merlot, vintage 1 year ago) in a crystal goblet my mom gave me. She started a crystal goblet collection for my sister and I when we were in our twenties. She found great deals on single goblets, so now each of us has a montage of 10 or 12 random stems. I love it. Even for practical reasons -- when people come over, they will not be confused as to which goblet is theirs. Mainly I love my collection because my mom gave it to me. She was always on the lookout for a stemware steal.
We have a cousin named Kathy. Mom attemped the collection for her as well. Kathy's mom, my Aunt Vicki, a T-totaller (nothing wrong with that) forbade my mom from buying her daughter any item that would encourage the use of alcohol. So my mom started Kathy a crystal candle-holder collection instead.
I wonder if tonight, my cousin Kathy is sitting in her living room on her laptop starting her blogpost with, "I'm lighting a votive in a crystal candle-holder my aunt gave me..."
Just a little thing, a memory of my mom that makes me smile.
Sweet dreams.


DogBlogger said...

Feeling for you today, which is the 19th anniversary of my mom's funeral. Yesterday I chose a snack off the shelf at Whole Foods mainly because it was one she used to buy for me. It's in my lunch bag today.

DogBlogger said...

You wrote:
Thanks for your thoughts - - Wow, 19 years? You were so young. How did she die?

Well, I didn't get a look at the death certificate, but I'm pretty sure it was respiratory failure. She had really severe allergies. We knew she was sick, but not that sick.

Jhames Stewart said...

I wish you had photos of your goblet collection, Nikki. We also have a bunch of recycled glass goblets in our house. Well, it's not really a collection since we often use it for celebrations, but the variety is amusing. Actually, the party conversations we start are usually about those goblets. Oh, I hope that our kids will continue our collection.