Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Whitby's first tooth!

Fact: At first, there are a lot of "firsts".

First tooth is one of them.
First bath.
First birthday.
First haircut.

There are less and less "firsts" as they get older. Whit is now 5. She has just lost her first tooth.

It was loose forever. She kept telling me everyday that she was going to lose the tooth. It took months. When it finally happened she was so shocked she cried!

Apparently, she twisted it out and it bled (a little). She asked me if she was going to die.

Now, where did I put those quarters????

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Obsession de jour: Barefoot Merlot

Usually skittish about trying new wine. Don't want to spend the money on a beverage I do not enjoy. Every once in a while though, I bust out something new just to expand my proverbial horizons.

Tonights purchase: Barefoot Merlot.

Pros: delish
Cute lable
3$ cheaper than Blackstone (my usual)

Is that God's blood?

At New City (5pm Sunday nights at Central UMC - KCMO), Creighton serves communion every week. This is the first time that my kids have participated in communion on a regular basis. They love it. Why wouldn't they? It's delicious!

As I tried to explain the holiness and sacredness of it, Whitby busted out with the (totally legitimate) question, "Is that God's blood?"

I nearly fell over laughing. Then I looked at her stone-cold expression and realized - - oh, she's serious.

Try to explain that one to a 5 year old.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Games and Toys

Today I had a great conversation about the Big Wheel.
As kids, we used to love the Big Wheel and cruise around on it constantly.

I started reminiscing about the other toys and games we owned and played as children.
Here are the ones that immediately came to mind:

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Lately our mornings have been such a bummer.

My children have been waking up grouchy and whiney. I don't know about you but I have always felt strongly that people who whine should be immediately punched in the throat.
This is a problem when the people are your children.

So I am trying to analyze what might be the source of this.
I think it might be - dare I say it - my parenting. I have been slacking in the mornings for the last few months. Cosmo is 3.5 how and is no longer in need of 24/7 supervision. So in the mornings, I have been letting the kids go down to the playroom and watch a kidshow or play a video game every morning when they get up. This has allowed me an additional 30-45 minutes of sleep.
However, I thought back and remembered the not-so-distant-past when I was getting up with them every morning and starting the day off with a morning routine.

Get dressed for the day
10 minutes of yoga
Sit in a circle and have a morning prayer
Bow to one another and say, "God Bless You."

As I thought of this simple routine, I realized that perhaps it is the lack of structure that gets my kids off to a rocky start in the mornings. I am planning to start the routine again tomorrow morning.

I will keep you posted....

Obsession De Jour: thepioneerwoman.com

My sister told me about thepioneerwoman.com a while back. I have been slow to check it out. But now I am obsessed. I want to be her. Go there now!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Those People

Thursday 9:50 pm. I realized that we had become "those people".

It was a long day so when I left at 9am I decided to let the dogs stay outside all day. All day turned out to be 12.5 hours. Apparently, the scoundrels barked at anything and everything that moved that day.
When I got home at 9:50, there was a note stuck in my door from the police who informed me that a neighbor called them about barking dogs at my residence but did not want to file an official complaint at this time. It was a warning....
3 minutes later, my next door neighbor came over and kindly confronted me about the dogs. Told me that they went at it non-stop all day long and ended with, "and this is not the first time, Nikki."
What a nightmare. We are "those people". The neighbors that everyone hates but won't say anything to their face.
Well, the good news is that we are teachable. Though slightly embarrassed, we are determined to do whatever it takes to silence the nuisance barking.
Not sure what the plan is - - I will let you know how it goes!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Shaped by the Gospel

"We pray that our lives will be shaped by the Gospel"

This is part of our nightly prayer with the children. They all know it. They all pray it. This morning I woke up with this prayer on my lips.
Frankly, I have to ask, "What do I really mean when I pray this?"

The origin of the word gospel is Good News. Does my life speak of good news?
Am I open to being shaped? Do I allow the teaching of Jesus to penetrate my will?
Do I live and work in a manner that provokes the questions for which the Gospel is the answer?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Woo Hoo!

No news really. Just wanted to post the photo I took yesterday of my sweet vertical.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

I broke one of my fashion rules today.

Jean on Jean.

I have felt strongly about no jean on jean for quite some time now. But today, because of apparent lack in my closet, I did it.
Friends, you have to be really careful when trying this. You run the risk of matronly or elementary school teacher.
Because the jeans and jean shirt are both a dark earth wash, and because I added a scarf, the combo is not too bad. However, in general, I do not condone the pairing of jean on jean.

I am BY NO MEANS a fashion expert!
But, here are a couple more of my rules:


Accessorize. A stylish pair of sunglasses can make you feel great even on the days you have dark circles and puffy eyes. I remember that my mom always looked put together - she was never without her sunglasses. Scarves and jewelry complete an outfit.

I try not to be too matchy with my jewelry. If I am wearing a turquoise ring for example, I don't go all out with earrings, bracelet and a necklace. Maybe necklace and ring. Or possibly bracelet and earrings. But it's better to have a splash of color than to overdose on it.

My friend Dagney told me today that "What Not To Wear" has a book - - WITH PICTURES.
It targets different body types and "problem areas" and gives specific guidelines for your wardrobe.

Also, I subscribe to a daily email called whowhatweardaily.com
It is a fashion email that shows current fashion trends (most of which are too over the top for me). It at least helps me to see what's going on out there in the world of fashion so that I don't get totally out of touch.

Your thoughts??

Friday, March 6, 2009


I want to encourage anyone out there who is getting oldish.

Try Yoga.

Ever since I got into it, I have felt healthier and stronger. My back feels great and I don't wake up with a stiff body.
Granted, you don't burn many calories like you do with Cardio. But as far as flexibility and strength go, it can't be beat.

If you are worried about the clear your mind meditation stuff - - most of the yoga I have seen in the past few years is simply fitness yoga.
I personally think the practice of yoga is very spiritual. I intentionally find moments in my poses to pray. Everytime I lift my arms to the sky or bring my hands to my heart, I whisper a little word of praise, "My all for you Jesus."

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kingdom Beatitudes for a better world

1. Blessed are those that share what they have, for they will be a community of life.

2. Blessed are those that are able to enjoy the fruit of their labor, for they will be a community of honesty.

3. Blessed are those that stand together for equality, for they will be a community of justice.

4. Blessed are those that release their grip on their possessions, for they will be a community of freedom.

5. Blessed are those that feel the pain of others as their own, for they will be a community of mercy.

6. Blessed are those that teach their children Kingdom values, for they will be a community of hope.

7. Blessed are they that show Love instead of the Law, for they will be a community of grace.

Roy Soto
Red Del Camino, Costa Rica

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Check out this passionate and moving video about our Savior.