Friday, March 20, 2009

Those People

Thursday 9:50 pm. I realized that we had become "those people".

It was a long day so when I left at 9am I decided to let the dogs stay outside all day. All day turned out to be 12.5 hours. Apparently, the scoundrels barked at anything and everything that moved that day.
When I got home at 9:50, there was a note stuck in my door from the police who informed me that a neighbor called them about barking dogs at my residence but did not want to file an official complaint at this time. It was a warning....
3 minutes later, my next door neighbor came over and kindly confronted me about the dogs. Told me that they went at it non-stop all day long and ended with, "and this is not the first time, Nikki."
What a nightmare. We are "those people". The neighbors that everyone hates but won't say anything to their face.
Well, the good news is that we are teachable. Though slightly embarrassed, we are determined to do whatever it takes to silence the nuisance barking.
Not sure what the plan is - - I will let you know how it goes!