Friday, March 27, 2009

Games and Toys

Today I had a great conversation about the Big Wheel.
As kids, we used to love the Big Wheel and cruise around on it constantly.

I started reminiscing about the other toys and games we owned and played as children.
Here are the ones that immediately came to mind:


steve and randel hambrick said...

oh yes!! all of those!
also, the green machine is now the hot ride again. i LOVED my green machine!

chelschap said...

Dang - I seriously wanted a Barbie Big Wheel SO bad when I was little... But we were kind of poor. :)
The Lite Brite was one of my favorites... oh, and Teddy Ruxpin! And my Gloworm... :)
Love you, Nik!

Dana said...

I need to post one of those pics of you riding your horse!!! So cute!! What fun memories! The big wheel and the sit and spin.

ziondreamer said...

Me and that horse were tight. Wonder what ever happened to it.

I do want that photo though!

Saw a green machine recently at a friends house. Fun!

Glow worm is still alive and kicking. Whitby and Cosmo both had one.