Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Possum in the Henhouse!

Sitting contently at my computer at about 11pm, when I hear the chicken alarm going off outside. The chicken alarm is the sound the chickens make in danger, my kids call it "baGalking".
I jumped up, called the dogs and ran out to see what all the fuss was about. And there it was, a nasty evil-eyed possum, hanging as still as can be on the wall of the henhouse. Fortunately, we only had one casualty - one of our young hens.

Creighton was not home yet, so I was forced to brainstorm a solution on my own. "Do I have a shovel or rake out here to knock him down off the wall? Nope. Even if I did, what would I do then?"
So clearly, I did the next logical thing. I peeled him off the wall with my bare hands. My assumption being that if I grab the nape of his neck, he would be immobilized, like a cat. So that's what I did.

This revolting creature kept trying to reach his head around and bite me! Did you know that possum tails are scaly? And their fur is itchy and bristly. Their beady eyes are of the underworld.

I threw him in a kennel and waited for Creighton to get home.

Ok, so what do I do with the possum now? I do have a hand-gun, but can not discharge a firearm in the city limits. Do I be-head it with a machete? Not only is that messy and violent, I can only imagine that the veins of this demon run with toxic poison.

Not to belabor the story. We ended up drowning the possum in our creek. Held him down with a shovel and drowned him. Only in one moment of weakness, did a wave of compassion wash over me. Then I remembered the havoc, that this grotesque intruder was wreaking.

Here are some pics of my sweet little flock. And a word to the wise. You mess with my fluffy little feathered friends, you die.