Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"My January Project"

Since the beginning of Nov., I have coined the phrase, "That's my January Project". This has helped me feel better about not getting things done that need my attention but aren't totally crucial.
So far the list is:

1. Coat Rack for the Children's outer wear (which is currently strewn across the floor of the mud room).
2. Clean off my desk at work.
3. Call a plumber about the broken knobs on the basement bathroom sink, the kitchen sink, the master bathroom bathtub and the guest bathroom shower.
4. Organize our home office.
5. Hang art in my new house.
6. Train myself on all the equipment I am clueless about at the church.
7. Start doing yoga again (I want to join Lifetime fitness but it is very expensive).
8. Get some boundaries.
9. Start reading again.
10. Begin futuring for my job rather than just riding the wave of the urgent.
11. Get into a schedule of having people over for dinner once a week - to practice hospitality.


Chelsea said...

Nik, I totally relate!
My January project list:
1). Organize closet
2). Organize prayer room closet
3). Organize storage space under the stairs
4). Organize gift wrapping supplies
5). Find a place for all the Christmas gifts
6). Make a pile of things to give away since recieving so many Christmas gifts
7). Start daily Bible reading again
8). Write, write, write... and write some more!

I love you!

ziondreamer said...

In review:
I have actually started on all of my projects.
Still struggling on 10,8 and 5. But feeling pretty good about the others so far!