Monday, January 5, 2009

My friend Brenda

What a gift - - my friend Brenda, who I have not seen in years, came to see me twice over the holidays.
Her folks live in Ohio, so she and her boys stopped off at our house on the way there and on the way back.

The kids had SUCH a great time. And it was balm to my soul to catch up with my friend.

Why don't we all take more time to fit things in like that?

We were just a little bit out of the way on her journey, but she took the time (an extra day and a half) to stop, have dinner, visit after we put all the 6 monkeys to bed, let the kids play for a day, and then head out the next morning.

I am inspired and want to be a better friend.

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steve and randel hambrick said...

if this inspires you and makes you want to love your friends the best way you possibly can, then a road trip to dallas, georgia has to be in order....