Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Texas Independence Day Party: All Are Invited!

Our heart is to share the love of Texas to those here in Kansas.
Come one, come all!

Friday, Feb. 27th
Our house: 13009 Knox St.
Overland Park TX 66213


shannon said...

what?! YOUR house... in Texas? Ya'll movin'?

Dana said...

Glad to see you haven't converted to Kansasian (is that a word?)!!

Show 'em proud!

chelschap said...

Dude... I totally wish I could be there! But I love that you're having one... I love that your kids know where home is. :)
I love you, Nikki Jo. Thanks for spending so much yummy time with me on the phone last week.

P.S. The word verification that I have to type in below this box spells "weanti"... How wonderful! Weanti. It really rolls off the tongue. I believe I'll make up a definition and use it in a sentence tomorrow. :)