Monday, February 22, 2010


This Friday night is the Annual Texas Independence Day Party at Casa de Alexander. March 2nd is Texas Independence Day. Ever since we moved to Kansas, we have needed a reason to remember and celebrate the mother-land.
So the TX party is a fun way to bring people (TXan and non-TXan alike) together for some Shiner beer, some Tex-Mex food, and this year.... A Mariachi Band.

I can't wait!
I got a local restaurant to donate chips/salsa/queso to the party. And we are putting together a stellar music playlist of distinctly Texan artists.

Should be GREAT fun!


Chels said...

This party sounds so awesome!! Yall are going to have so much fun! Next year, perhaps we'll make a pilgrimage to join you! LOVE you.

Between You and Me said...
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ready to party said...

HI NIkki- your blog is great and i love the one about not bloggin about blogging!! So i need the info on your T- party!

shannon said...

sooooooooooo jealous. we need a texas party in miami. great idea, friend!

ziondreamer said...

Shannon- we started when we moved to Kansas. The first year, we invited the 5 texans we knew over for a small dinner. Last year we had about 25-30. And this year - we were busting at the seams - LIKE WHOA!
We ended up having 99 people! Well that includes about 25+ children and a 4-person mariachi band (who were fabulous btw).
Next year we may have to change the venue. HAHA