Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our first stitches

Recently I posted a story about our first fracture - roughly one month ago:

Well, we have another first. Stitches.

Monday night we were at Canon's first baseball game and Cosmo was standing on the side of my friends car making her baby laugh. Suddenly, my friend and I heard what sounded like a boiled egg cracking. We were standing about 3 feet away at the time. Cosmo started screaming and holding his side.
I picked him up and as I held him I lifted his shirt to search for the wound. Found nothing. I lifted him to ask where it hurts - and as I looked at his face, I saw blood running down his head.

I froze.

A little side note about me. I am a quick-on-my-feet-problem-solver (when it comes to work or to other people). But in this situation I couldn't even think. I'm realizing that this is a pattern. I freeze when it comes to personal high stress situations.
I just held him tight and said, Jesus help me, Jesus... (with an "o shit" sprinkled in here and there).

My friend Laura sprung to action. She ran off to get towels and water. And to get my husband who was finishing up post game refreshments with Canon's baseball team.

Creighton came a-running and loaded me and Cos up in the van for what turned out to be a 5 hour emergency room visit. The child got stitched up and all is well. He's such a trooper. Here are the photos.

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