Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Obsession de jour: using the word "hashtag" in everyday conversations

I can't take credit for it. A few weeks ago, my friend Joey Humke (twitter: @humkedance) said, "wouldn't it be awesome if we just started saying the word 'hashtag' when we wanted people to really listen?"

Brilliant. Hashtag,whydidn'tIthinkofthat?

So I have been experimenting with this lately.

One example from this afternoon: Heads up in the parking lot kids! Hashtag,letstrynottogetrunoverbyacartoday. (PS, my kids looked at me and said, "what??")

Benefits to saying the word hashtag, just before something profound.

1. Take that text talk to the next level. Saying BRB, BFF, BTW, or I totally just LOL'd, is so last year. It's time to give your Twitter-life a voice.

2. People will tune in. C'mon everyone is tired of the boring words that come out of your mouth. Spice it up. Remember how you sometimes preface a mind-blowing statement with the word "listen" or "look"? Replace that with the word "hashtag". See how it goes. My hunch is that everyone will worship you.


Jill said...

hashtag. fantastic!

John David Walt said...

Hashtag bidnes!

Amy said...

This is hilarious! And I bet it will totally catch on.


Ashley Joy said...

I'm about to die I'm laughing so hard! Should I try it?


Oh yeah...this will definitely catch on.

Hey, do you think I could add this little sweetheart of a language to my resume?! You know, I could put it right under my "other" areas of expertise. I feel like it would balance everything out, dontcha think?

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