Friday, October 15, 2010

Leadership Institute 2010

As the Tech producer for Events at The Church of the Resurrection, I have the privilege of being the production manager for Leadership Institute, a conference put on by our church staff.

My teams were amazing and LI was a success (from what I could tell). In all, I recruited about 50 people to pull off the technical production of this event.

There tends to be a lack of education about what a producer actually does. I wrote about this over a year ago, asking, "What exactly is the role of a producer?"

Over these past 2.5 years at Resurrection, I have come to understand more of what my job is supposed to be.

A producer sees the overall picture.
A producer owns the flow of the experience.
A producer has their finger on the pulse of the audience.
A producer translates the ideas of the pastors and leaders.
A producer assembles just the right team to execute the plan.

I was fretting about LI because while it is valuable to the life and ministry of thousands of pastors and lay leaders, it is a huge drain on our people and resources. I am still feeling an LI hangover 5 days later. I am glad it's over. However, this year (my 3rd Leadership Institute) I experienced a collaboration and a synergy with my co-workers that was blissful. I am so thankful for the worship producers and technical directors I work with. We all locked arms and pressed through together. We blocked for each other, stepped in and filled in. Everyone worked with a grateful and humble attitude.

I am amazed by the friends in my department at Resurrection. It is a gift to work alongside people who are uniquely gifted for creativity and vision.

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alayna said...

We had a worship design team at Midland. It was awesome - you really did a great job explaining the producer position. We just called her the queen on our team! We really miss that team. We have tried to recreate it here in Abilene, but so far, no luck. And I think the producer part is so key...and so hard to find, especially when you are looking for volunteers. It's also just so different going from a contemporary experience with lots of media and where different things are encouraged to a fairly traditional service where change is frowned upon. Sigh. Change is hard.