Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fire Starters

As an early Christmas present, my friend Meredith Purser gave me some homemade fire starter blocks. SHE KNOWS ME WELL! Many days, she has seen me in my purist fashion, lighting, blowing, lighting, blowing, lighting, blowing my tender to get the fire going. This fun little project has made my fire starting quick and easy.

You see, I am a bit of a pyro, and almost every day this fall, the children and I have built a fire, enjoying it throughout the day. And when Creighton gets home - many evenings, we cook on it.

Well, Meredith prepared a dozen of these AMAZING starter blocks. I have gone through them in about two weeks. So now it's time that I make my own!

They are so simple, and it takes so little time. And it is super cheap!

You know those dead candles you have been storing because you are going to do something with them someday? This is that thing!

1. Gather a couple candles to melt over the range. I lined a pot with foil so not to get my pot waxy.
2. Peel apart your leftover paper egg carton into 12 sections.
3. Gather up your dryer lint and separate it into 12 parts (this is the only thing that might take you some time if you don't already save the stuff). You could also use cotton balls if you want. They make a good tender as well!
4. Fill the egg carton cubes with the lint, then pour the melted wax over the lint - just to saturate the lint and make it stick to the cardboard.
5. Set it under your logs as a starter and VOILA!


alayna said...

I made some of these several years ago when we went camping and Steve laughed and scoffed at my homemade fire starters and bought some store bought ones for when mine wouldn't work. It was so fun to say "ha ha ha hahaha!" when mine totally kicked his lame store-bought one's butts. Oh yeah they did!

I am a pyro at heart too. I love to start a fire with a match and a paper plate for fanning, when Steve's idea is to use a propane flame thrower. Sadly, we haven't had the weather for a fire too often, but we're having one tomorrow! Woo-hoo! Since I'm out of the awesome fire starters, I'll be breaking out the paper plate!

Dana said...

I have been saving my dryer lint for about 2 weeks now, planning on making some of these. Glad to know they work!

Funny that we're thinking of something at the same time and don't even know!

Love you, sister!