Monday, May 6, 2013

Raising problem solvers

Often, I feel less than qualified as a homeschool mom....

However, one thing I do well, is to prioritize raising up problem solvers. I make it my educational goal each day and long-term, to teach my children to push through problems toward multiple solutions.

When I look at the young adults I interact with day to day in the service industry, I realize that they have a difficult time solving even the simplest issues. I thrive on finding opportunities to help people push through the struggles they may face - whether with a receipt or an exchange, a substitution at a restaurant or ordering something off menu. When a service associate tells me, "I can't", the hairs on the back of my neck bristle, and I move in for my teaching moment. Don't worry, I am always kind about it. But I do enjoy coaching people into the next solution!

In the mornings, I call the children to school and we pray together. After that, we recite our educational mission:

We ARE energetic self-starters, who can be creative, work independently, and SOLVE PROBLEMS.

In any industry, not just the service industry, these are most often the qualities a boss is looking for. She may not care if we know the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly. He may not ever ask us to sing the US Presidents song. But I guarantee - she/he will take notice if we demonstrate these masterful qualities!

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