Thursday, October 3, 2013

Free Stuff!

This has been a week of FREE STUFF! My husband called yesterday and announced that he got word back from a local building materials supply co, that yes - they agreed to give us 150 cinder block bricks. 150 bricks! That saves us HUNDREDS of dollars. I quoted James 4:2b "You have not because you ask not." We laughed because we have recently gotten really good at asking!
Our previous gift: Plants. Rosmary bushes, ground cover, flowers - all from a construction site down the road who was about to doze over all the plants. We asked if we could have them. Sure! Just get them out by the end of the day because tomorrow this area will be leveled.
We were able to landscape a large area in the backyard with these beauties.

From another construction site, I procured 4 loads of topsoil. Just because I asked!

We landscaped the front beds with lirope, azaleas and yucca from around our property - transplanted them in.

Check out the adorable little potato bin my friend gave me yesterday!
And the cute hipster outfit I got from some hand-me-downs of a 14 year old boy. It works.
And Last but certainly not least: Creighton got 5 free tickets to the Bama game. We were able to take Cosmo Seth to the game for his 8th Birthday - FOR FREE! Woohoo.

Wouldn't Katy, the Non-consumer Advocate be so proud of me?
We have saved so much money this week. Perhaps I should go shopping.....

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Bee Girl said...

Free stuff really is the best! I love how your landscaping is shaping up! can't wait to see it all filled in!