Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our first big snow of the season

While I watched from my back door window, cozy and warm inside the house, I sent my kids out in the cold to burn off some steam.
Actually they requested this arctic adventure. I bundled them up with so many layers that I could almost audibly hear Randy from 'A Christmas Story' (Ralphie's little brother), as he waddled to the door and objected, "I can't put my arms down!"
I giggled just watching them. Canon stashed a storehouse of snowballs. Whitby expressed her creative self with one-of-a-kind, designer snow-angels. Cosmo wandered around the yard on a search and rescue mission for frozen footballs and frosty frisbees.
As for me, I tip-toed out about 4 times, just to capture these moments (which I did not personally attend) into photographs.

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