Thursday, July 2, 2009

Saint Pamela's Feast Day

Last summer, I shared In Memorarium, about our memory tradition remembering the life of my mom - Pamela.
Since the 21st of June was Fathers day, the kids and I spent the weekend with my dad. Knowing that my sister was going to come visit us in Kansas, I waited with the intention of sharing the Cheescake Factory tradition with her. I took off work Tuesday and Dana and I drove down to the Plaza to window shop and enjoy uninterrupted time - just the two of us. We walked over to CF for lunch.
It was a delightful time of memory sharing with a few tears.

We ordered Mom a cosmo and gave thanks to God for the time we did have with her, for the privilege of knowing such an extraordinary person.
Here's to you mom- we still miss you desperately.

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Debbie said...

I loved your mom so much! She was such a special lady and I miss her smile! I am so glad that you and Dana honor her like this. You honor her everyday with the way that you love your family, like she loved you so much!!!