Friday, July 9, 2010

The newest member of our family

To make a long story short:

We started with Apollo and Starbuck. Two awesome standard poodle litter-mates who made our lives richer from day one. (aside: names come from Battlestar Galactica our sci-fi obsession at the time).
In a tragic run-in with a volkswagon rabbit - Starbuck lost his life chasing a heartless bunny across the road. The irony.
In mourning, we waited to get another dog for Apollo. Yet we still hold to the axiom that everyone needs a friend. Finally, the opportunity arose to acquire a young spunky golden-doodle puppy from her previously overwhelmed family. We named her Athena (also from BSG), and she and Apollo are get along just fine.

This pup is so cute and funny and social. One look at her and you're hooked. Problem is, she is not potty trained yet - even at 7 months. It's pretty high maintenance. Last night Creighton stepped in a puddle of pee by our bed.

Hopefully she will get it together soon before Creighton either gives her away or worse - - m u r d e r.

So here's my plan. Tell me if I'm crazy.

Athena is a registered, breedable female. Next summer, I'm thinking about having her bred, so that we can have a litter of puppies. We would teach the children about owning a business and coach them in caring for animals. Profits would go to their college fund. I think it would be such a good learning experience for them. And how fun to have a bunch of little fur-balls running around.

What do you think?

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