Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pregnant with possibility

Last night I dreamed I was pregnant. In my dream I was rubbing my belly while talking to a friend (the friend is not significant, just an extra in the dream cast). I watched myself stand there swaying and smiling, chatting and rubbing. I felt contentment and anticipation.

I have been praying about the meaning of this. I know there is no actual fetus in my womb, the dream is metaphorical.

What's interesting is that there are many unknowns in the life of the Alexanders right now. Recently, (during wake-time anyway) I have felt more doubt and angst than contentment and anticipation.

My fretting is most often about money:

1) House is for sale and not selling
2) Creighton launching his coaching biz

So maybe the dream is a wave of comfort - a gift from God of things to come.

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Chels said...

I will believe that with you, Nikki... That the Lord is comforting you with the picture of a full womb; possibility, hope, expectancy, a new season. I can't wait to see what is just around the corner for the Alexanders. :)
Love you.