Thursday, November 4, 2010

WFX conference

I love conferences.

For real I do.
I'm curious, love to meet people, make connections, discuss what I'm learning with my team.

I'm at a Tech Production conference in Atlanta.

Started out a little Sketch. I went to my first workshop; left disappointed. Went to my second workshop; left wishing they would have had me teaching it.

The worship experience on the first day was nice.
The music was quality, albeit non-sing-along-able for your average white tekkie guy (80% of the room). The video, lighting and sound production was ok.
I look at these experiences with a critical eye (not in a judgmental manner, rather comparing/contrasting/understanding). I try to fully engage while taking mental interpretive notes.
We heard from Ed Stetzer, the director of LifeWay Research in Nashville. He talked about keeping the main thing the main thing. Why we do what we do - - Jesus. A message I have heard dozens of times, but it's ok because he was interesting and engaging and used scripture. His content was clear, his flow was structured and his presentation style was casual and clever.

I had high hopes that things would pick up for the second day. The last thing I want is for my church to spend money for me to go to a conference and to return from the conference empty handed.

Good news: things got better. The three workshops I attended the second day were helpful and added value. The worship experience had the same band singing non-sing-along-able unfamiliar gospel songs - but today I knew what to expect so I just rolled with it.
The keynote was great. Shawn King is a pastor in Atlanta. Talked about staying connected to your congregation through social media. Again, mostly stuff I know already. But he was engaging... shared stories, gave practical advice, and knew his audience.

My favorite take-aways came from the two workshops that Dennis Choy ( @dennischoy ) led. He had a lot of practical counsel on how to lead a production ministry.

Overall, glad I came.

Had a great time with my team.
Got away and got perspective on some things (I have been in a bit of a funk at work lately).
Had time to process ideas and goals for ministry.
Got to have sushi with one of my besties who lives in Atlanta.

Final thoughts:
I'm thinking about starting a blog for church producers. It is a niche but I know we are out there...

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