Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meditation vacation

Making the move to stay home and home schooling has been eye opening.

I have been intentional about observing my children - their tendencies and patterns throughout the day.

There is a time in the afternoon (around 3 or 4) when they become loud, irritable and sometimes aggressive with each other.

3 days ago I instituted a time of mediation for all of us to take a break, relax, calm down. When I start to notice the kids become fussy with each other I call out, "Meditation Vacation!" We head to the playroom and sit in a circle. We breathe and pray, sing or OM together for a few minutes.

I might take this time to look directly at their faces and say something encouraging to them. I might discuss the plan for the remainder of the day. I might remind them of one of our family virtues.
Meditation vacation only lasts for about 10 minutes - but that seems to be enough to press the reset button.

Yesterday, Whitby fell asleep in Half Lotus. She slept for about 10 minutes, then popped up and flittered off with a smile.

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