Friday, October 14, 2011

All Creatures of our God and King

We came to Alabama with Apollo (best dog on planet earth) and Athena (voted "most naughty" by all people on planet earth).

When we arrived, Bama the goat entered our lives. I have wanted a goat for a long time but our Overland Park suburban cul-de-sac was not conducive.

Then came Dolphin, the stray kitten. Fluffy, smart, friendly, hilarious. (Dolphin was the name of our swim team this summer and we found him at the pool).

Helo (pronounced Hee-lo) is our most recent purchase. Most money we have ever spent on an animal - and he is so worth it. What a well-bred prince, that one!

We finally bought a chicken coop and our first two chickens have turned out to be roosters - HAAAAA. But they are so much fun we can't get rid of them! Will be adding HENS very soon!

And besides that, it seems like every other day we are delighted by one of God's lovely creation!

When we came to Alabama, my top priority on the list was to find some land (5acres) so the kids could have just a glimpse of what I was blessed to grow up with. The climate here is so great - we spend hours upon hours outdoors. I am very thankful for this property. We have been hard at work making it a wonderland for the kids. More on that later!

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