Monday, June 17, 2013

Date your eggs!

I don't know about your chickens, but mine have been laying like crazy this summer. I actually sold 7 hens because I was getting over-run with eggs! It's a great problem to have. And I enjoy dispersing dozens among friends.

When the eggs are coming in faster than a teenage halloween prank, it's easy to lose track of when they were laid.
Never fear, a washable marker is here! An eggcellent solution to stop the confusion is simply - to take a few minutes and date them. The washable kid markers are non-toxic so they won't harm the egg. If you don't want to mark the actual egg, you can just mark your carton as you fill it up. It doesn't take long, but for me it's been super helpful. My city-man husband appreciates it too because he get's a little nervous when he sees 6 dozen eggs sitting in the fridge!

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Andrea said...

Pencil works great on eggshells too, and doesn't wipe off on hands as easily as washable marker, and doesn't leech into the egg.

I'm a big jealous of all your fresh eggs! I haven't found a good supply of them since I moved.