Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Traditions: Parties!

Do you host or attend a Christmas party each year?

Growing up, my grandparents hosted a huge Christmas Eve party every year with friends and extended family. Nothing can touch the memories I have of their extravagant parties. Pie after pie after pie donned the dessert table. All the adults were dressed to the 9s, and always very jubilant, funny and interactive (it's only in my adulthood that I understand it was because all wine that was served!).

The cousins would open presents around the tree around 5pm, then spend the rest of the evening playing with our new toys, eating fudge and divinity, and watching Christmas movies. Every year, we swore we would stay up late enough to catch Santa. Somehow, he always timed it just right.

Christmas morning was always just as fun. After dumping out stockings and opening our gifts from Santa, all the aunts, uncles and cousins would gather at Uncle Buck and Aunt Jean's house for eggnog and a game of pool. Uncle Buck was such a jovial character - and everyone always raved about his eggnog. The children, of course, had their own "special recipe - just for kids".

Thinking of these parties brings a smile to my face.

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