Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Conversations I Get Into...

How do you answer the question, "Do you believe in hell?"??
Is hell an actual place or a metaphorical concept? Is this a "lake of fire", or a place of "outer darkness"? Is it a place of eternal punishment or a place long forgotten? Is it "Sheol"? Does one hear only "weeping and knashing of teeth"?
I actually like anwering questions with questions.
What do you think? Is there an eternal nature to humanity? Will we exist in some form after this life? Will we be conscious of this existence? If so, will we exist in the presence of our Creator? Is there a choice we must make in this life which will determine how we will spend eternity? Or is the choice eternal (thank you C.S. Lewis)? Do we merely die and decompose? Is heaven an actual place? Is heaven simply another word for eternity?
Does anyone even buy Eternity by Calvin Klien anymore? Or was that a '90s thing. Remember those sensual black and white Eternity commercials starring Christy Turlington and some lovely man + two perfect kids playing on the beach in white, breezy clothes? P.S., wasn't Christy Turlington in a Duran Duran video back in the '80s? Notorious, I believe. How old is she?

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