Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I just realized that it has been two months and some change since last I wrote. Feel the need to make up for it with two posts in one day. Wow, I just have been SOOOO busy. Umm, walking my son to and from kindergarten, cleaning my house, calling my sister 4+ times a day, oh, working, planning for Cosmo's 2nd birthday party 9.29.07 (which was a smash), landscaping our backyard (which looks so fine), going to meetings, watching Design Star on HGTV, oh, reading the bible and praying.... Of course there has been some complaining mixed in there, feelings of discontentment, probably some pre-mid-life crisis frustrations. But for the most part, these last two months have been largly uneventful and pleasant.

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gavin richardson said...

the wifey and i got into design star as well. in the midst of trying to paint the interior of our house.. that is busy