Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Do we reincarnate?

Sooo, the disciples talk to Jesus in Matthew 17 about Elijah (after the Transfiguration) saying, "wasn't Elijah supposed to come again?". Jesus describes how - yes he was to come again and he did come again and was not recieved and was treated poorly and killed.... The disciples realized, and I quote, that he was talking about John the Baptist. What is going on here?
Either Elijah reincarnated as John the Baptist, or the essence of Elijah was in John the Baptist, or John resembled Elijah and Jesus was simply pointing out the similarity between the two. This is, however a tad confounding.
Elijah is mentioned a lot in Matthew. I know he was a famous Hebrew Hero. John is also mentioned a lot in Matthew. I am interested in the connection. But truly curious about the "John is actually Elijah" scenario.

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gavin richardson said...

hmmm.. never saw it in this light. i would say it is more of the spirit of the person is in another. just as one is inspired to be like or takes inspiration from the legacy of another. i am like my dad, eerily like my dad, but i certainly am not my dad.