Friday, January 25, 2008

My firstborn is turning 6

Canon James Alexander said tonight, "Mom, my birthday is in 4 days!" I about fell on the floor as his words hit me like a nerf dart.
My sweet baby. Before him it was just Creighton and I plus Merchant and Francis (Cats which at one point were called our babies). That is another story entirely. We had Canon when we lived in a 900 sq. ft. condo across from SMU in Dallas. He was 5 months on the dark day his Gammy died. There were over 100 people at his baptism serivce. Mr. Personality from day one.
For his 1st birthday, we ate dinner with the Cousinos at EZ's Diner on Northwest HWY (now a 7-11). At 16 months, he knew all his animal sounds. Some of his first words were kitty, puppy, Nemo, and walrus. Before his second birthday, his sister Eve Whitby was born. We moved to our house at 9114 Summer Glen. His favorite things to do were playing on his fort in the backyard and taking walks with daddy to "puppy park" a few blocks away. He watched Dora, Blues Clues and Backyardigans. He laughed at his baby sister. His 3rd birthday was at Chucky Cheeses which he still remembers (and that was the only time we have been there). He loved planets and rockets so I painted his room like outer space. It featured every planet, a rocket ship and an american astronaut planting a USA flag. Yah, that was a freakin sweet room if I do say so myself.
His baby brother was born and he and Whitby looked so grown up in the hospital as they came to see Cosmo Seth. He held the baby, the proud big brother - just kissed and stroked that baby. PRECIOUS.
His 4th birthday, we had at the house with his best friend Jacob Wizeman (plus his sister Leah) and our favorite neighbor, Drew. Quiet, low key, but a total blast for the kids.
Canon attended day care/ pre-school at Lovers lane UMC while I worked there. His best friend was a boy named Joshua, the son of the childrens choir director, Amy. Then I went on staff at SMU Wesley and he and Whit started attending the SMU pre-school. They loved it. He was potty trained there and his best buddy was a little girl named grace.
He turned 5 here in Kansas and I rounded up 8 little boys to attend his Dino-mite birthday at T-REX. We had only lived here for 5 months or so - it's amazing that we had that many friends in so little time! He had so much fun that he decreed that every birthday from now on, was to be celebrated at the T-REX.
My little guy started Kindergarten this year and I realized, "Wow, pre-school age days are over for us (he and I)." I question myself constantly about whether I spent that time wisely with him. Did I cherish him and shepherd him? Did I disciple him and love him unconditionally?
Welp. Anyhoo. The fella is about to be six. We have a bounce house rented for his birthday party - gonna set it up at the church. Invited his entire kindergarten class.
Here's to you, Canon James Alexander. You are an amazing guy.


steve and randel hambrick said...

your memory is impressive sista!!
so sad he's growing up. some parts of our kids growing are exciting, but losing their "babyness" is sad... he'll never be 5 again... time for a hornsby cider..

Wes said...

...amazing post!!!

...amazing you!!!

...amazing first son!!!

...amazing two more kids!!!

...amazing man you are married to!!!

...amazing grace!!!!!!!

Steven and Elizabeth Schindler said...

What a gorgeous family you have. I cannot believe Canon is SIX! You've got to be kidding me. Time flies, eh?

Dana Bird said...

Thank you so much for your amazing memories! It's hard for me to say Canon is 6! I remember so well mom trying to get out of D-town to get to Dallas for his birth. I was devastated that I had to stay here and miss it all. I can't even sit here without tearing up!! Please tell him how much I love him and hope his day is the BEST!!!

Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday to our precious CJ! I can't believe it... Six years old! And, Nik, you are an amazing mom and a dynamic leader to your children. What a ministry. And what fruit! Canon, Whit and Cos are intelligent, sensitive, creative and loving. Kudos to you and Cr8 for giving God the freedom to lead and partner with you in creating an environment that fosters these characteristics. I love you, friend, and seriously, I want to be Nikki when I grow up. :-)