Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Obama trailing Clinton in New Hampshire

Wow, I am rather surprised Hillary is doing so well in NH today. I was beginning to think that she was about to swirl down the toilet in the race. My dad and stepmom are taking a scouting trip to New Zealand next month. They promised us that if Hillary wins the presidency, they will be on the next plane to New Zealand - - for good. New Zealand?! Don't ask me why. I am just excited to go visit them so I can check out the shire and other parts of middle earth.
I guess Hillary is not that bad. I think she has some skeletons in her closet. But I rather like the idea of a woman being in the oval office. Our DNA has a few unavoidable traits (I know it is not universal) like nurture and provision and compassion. I think she might give a little extra attention to things like education and health care and poverty. Who knows, she might be an absolute snake. But she has conducted herself with dignity MOST of the time (even through the Monica Lewinski scandal).
I am not sure why she is hated by many. Guess I should look into it a bit more.

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Kellie said...

Hey Nikki!
I saw your post on our site and ws exited to see your link. Your "little monkeys" are adORable! I will be a frequenter of your site and can't wait to tell shane that I've been snooping on you!