Thursday, January 3, 2008

Obama wins Iowa

I am excited. I am. I have supported Obama verbally and electronically (although not yet financially). I have not put my money where my mouth is yet because there are a couple of things eating at me. I appreciate where he stands on poverty and environmental issues as well as education and health care. But abortion is in my opinion a direct value violation for anyone who claims to be an advocate for the powerless. There is clearly no one more powerless than an unborn child. Do I sound right wing yet?
I am certain that Obama would say that he is a strong advocate for the powerless. And I also know that he supports abortion (all types) as well as the full monty of stem cell research on perfectly healthy human embryos. You know - - the woman's "right to choose" oh, and by the way, the baby is not actually a life yet.
So I am torn.
I am painfully aware that there is not, nor will there be a perfect candidate. And don't get me started on the leftover meatloaf menu choices the Republicans have to offer....
Obama seems to at least be the strongest candidate. So for now, I'm with him.

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