Sunday, March 30, 2008

I just gotta laugh

He got out of my sight for literally 3 minutes. This child is so funny. Sneaky. Curious. First, he had shimmied out of his sweatpants and diaper. When I caught his-nakedness, he was in the kitchen confiscating a banana.
I diapered him and let him loose, only to misplace him only 3 minutes later. And this is what I found him doing:

The child had poured baby powder (squirted,really) ALL over my bathroom - the tub, the sinks, the towel bin, the kid-bath-toys, and most evidently, himself.
When I walked in he said is a precious, innocent voice, "Mom, wook, a cwowd!" Translation: "Mom, look, a cloud", referring to the puff of powder that shoots out the container when squeezed.
I just had to laugh. Oh, and commense a baby powder photo shoot.

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