Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obsession De Jour: My Brother

Deward James Strong is just about the coolest cat I know.
I like to drink coffee with him on the back porch. In his hand, a vintage mug with black coffee. In my hand, a pottery tumbler with creamer (oh and a tiny bit of coffee).
I love so many things about my brother but here are a few.

I love that he and his dog are best friends. Buster is the best "man's best friend" any man could have. My brother takes his dog everywhere - even across country.
I love that he always kissed my mom when he greeted her. And my grandmother - - and now my sister and me.
He's earthy.
I love that he used to have dreadlocks past his shoulder blades. Finally he shaved his head after 6 years (due to the nagging paranoia that he was the human host to a dozen creepy critters).
He looks like Sasha Baron Cohen.
He thinks before he acts.
I love that he genuinely loves and cares for people. All people. He can meet a stranger at the park or the pub, and then bring them home for dinner.
He pays attention to detail.
I love that his tatoo is a question mark. When asked why he has a question mark tatoo, he replies, "I don't know."
I love that on the porch, we can sit for hours and not say a word. Then we feel like we really connected deeply.


Anonymous said...

No, no, no, you're cool.

Bird said...

I think you're BOTH totally cool, amazing, wonderful people!! So glad to call you mine!