Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Pups

You may remember the photos I posted of "the pups" when we gave them to our children as Christmas gifts.
Remember how tiny they were??
Well this is them now!

Apollo and Starbuck.

What a great decision. These dogs have been amazing.
We took a chance on buying a breed we had never known personally.
We took a chance on bringing not one but two puppies into our already chaotic home.
We took a chance on the scorn and ridicule of others because we have become POODLE owners!

But I highly recommend these dogs. They have been great with our kids. They are super smart, sensitive and obedient.

Our favorite family activity now is to take the pups with us to the farmers market on Saturday mornings. Then we walk downtown, sit outside somewhere for brunch. Dreamy.

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