Monday, June 16, 2008

Yesterday was Fathers Day

We took daddy to Kansas City and enjoyed a fun afternoon at the Plaza.
We celebrated - because Creighton truly is an amazing father. He enjoys and yearns for time with the kids. He wrestles, chases, and tickles, he cuddles, hugs, and reads to them. He tells them verbally how special they are and how much he loves them.

Meanwhile, Creighton and I reflected on our relationships with our own fathers.

I respect my father greatly. He is an extraordinary person. From him I learned the value of hard work, respect toward others, generosity and serving. I seek counsel from him on matters of business.
But I must say, it is ours is a rather formal relationship. We're not friends. He has no intimate knowledge of my life. He doesn't know how to engage my children. He never has been affectionate - physically or verbally. Yet I know he would do anything for me. I know that he wants to help me grow into a strong and successful person and a good citizen. It is what it is and I have learned to be grateful for what I've got.

I have also learned that fathers day creates great opportunities in ministry.

I asked people last week to share with me about their fathers. Whoa. "Father" is such a catalyst for conversation! A topic with many layers. Fathers (often unknowingly) wield significant power in the lives of their children. They can be a source of deep wounds and miraculous healing.

If you are a father, I pray that you will strive to be an agent of hope, security, strength and healing in the lives of those in your care. Use your magical father powers for good and always be aware of how your actions are affecting them!

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