Saturday, May 9, 2009

Renaming my blogroll

My friend Shannon pointed out that now with my new disdain for bunnies, I might want to consider changing the name of my blogroll formerly known as "trails I chase rabbits down".
For now, it will be simply called "blogroll".

Please submit your suggestions.
Here is what I am looking for:

1. Something that suggests intentionality and determination, and at the same time, open-ended spontaneity.
2. Something tangential (not unlike rabbit trailing) because it is descriptive of my blogging habits, ie. no rhyme or reason - one blog leads me to another and that one to another, and so on.
3. Something that is active, and fun to do.



Wes said...

...random trails that take us to life!

Dana said...

I like the inference to your A.D.D. for your blogroll! :) Very great!

ziondreamer said...

Think I'm going with "Look! Something Shiney!"

This describes the unpredictable and random nature with which I blog.





Sooooo much better than, "trails I chase (!@#*%#+!) rabbits down."