Sunday, May 3, 2009

Smear Campaign

Bunnies are evil, disease infested vermin.
Bunnies are ruthless little murderers disquised in - um - soft, fluffy clothing.
Their pink eyes rage with lust for blood.

All bunnies must die.

Desire for the bunny will lead you down a path toward destruction.
The bunny is the harbinger of death.
Do not fall under their wicked spell.
They will show no mercy.

Never chase the bunny.


Janelle said...

If it makes you feel any better, all bunnies will die... eventually. That probably doesn't make you feel any better. Down with the bunny!!! How's that?

shannon said...

I've seen those beady little red eyes, I know what they're capable of. Monty Python knew, too.

Oh, and you may want to change your blog roll title from "trails I chase rabbits down".

Dana said...

You're really gonna have to let this go!!! :) Your bitterness has turned to hatred. What's next? Squirrels?? Blue jays?? Polar Bears??

I love you too much to let you continue down this path of destruction.

Maybe a few episodes of Bugs Bunny would help you overcome. On second thought, he's pretty sneaky as well!!!

You're right! They are evil....

ziondreamer said...

Yes it is ironic that my blogroll is labeled "trails I chase rabbits down".

Also ironic: the dog was hit by a Volkswagen.