Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting over myself

In march, I wrote a post titled, "Those People". These 2.5 months I had all but demonized the neighbor who we unaffectionately named, "deputy-no-bark".
Today when I got home, my children we over at his house, playing perfectly nice with his children. I was forced to make a decision. Do I watch out my back window, waiting for my kids to come back? Or, do I grow a pair and go over to their house and introduce myself.
You'll be proud to know that I watched from my back window. Just kidding. I swallowed my judgemental-self-ness and walked over there.
Not only was deputy no-bark friendly, he invited me into their home to show me around! His wife and I chatted about church and I invited her to Church of the Resurrection and we all had a jolly old time.

Glad to say that we're no longer "Those People".

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