Monday, August 16, 2010

Bad School Mom: Quest for Reformation

So tonight was "Back to school night". I feel like such a wall-flower. I'm so awkward. I wonder how many other moms are feeling the same way. Anyhoo, since it's not about me... I had a great experience walking my kids through their orientation.

I went up to the school solo, so I could get a lay of the land (classes, teachers, classmates, school supplies, etc.). Then I went and picked up the kids and escorted them to their classes to meet their teachers.

Thanks to all of you who are cheering me on toward bringing my A-game to the school mom situation! I have appreciated your prayers and your counsel.

My friend Lara gave me a few great pointers and tonight I have implemented a couple of them: I set all the kids clothes out, and even made their lunches for the morning. I have my alarm set to get up before they do tomorrow morning (we'll see how that goes).

I took Laura Steele's recommendation on the book "Managers of their homes". It has helped me get an handle on our daily and weekly schedules. I will hopefully have a meal plan and a chore schedule as well!

Lori Cousino (4th grade teacher in Dallas) suggested I talk to the teachers about my desire to do better this year to stay connected to them and to the class. So tonight I told both teachers that I had some difficulty last year keeping in touch and really desire for this year to stay connected.

I have been inspired by Ashley (our live-in nanny and so much more than that) to rise above mediocre and be excellent in the these family matters.

I got a calendar so that each week, Creighton, Ashley and I can be on the same page with our schedule. I have drafted a schedule for each morning of the week, and each afternoon and evening. I have bought an adorable little family organization notebook that contains pertinent info an numbers and lists. Once I finalize the morning and evening routine, I will post it in my kitchen folio, so that we can all yield to it.

Will this all work out?? I have no idea. I am notorious for starting out strong and then getting complacent or distracted - - and falling off the wagon.

But I am determined to create a relaxing and healthy environment for my children's childhood. So I would appreciate your continued prayers for me in my SCHOOL-MOM-REFORMATION!!


Lauren W said...

You inspire me as a Mom. You really do. I admire your patience, your love, and your complete admiration of your kids. I hope to be half as good of a Mom as you are and I sincerely mean that.

Lori said...

Amen to what Lauren W said. You are such an inspiration on so many levels...and now that you're bringing your "A" game to school...shoot, girl.