Monday, August 30, 2010

Obsession de jour: Junk Gypsie

My friend Randel introduced me to Junk Gypsie. Oh my. My pupils pulsate at every single item on this site. Perhaps you should check it out.

Pretty obsessed with these boots. Hoping for an ebay sale that can score me some cash or maybe a lottery win (wait, I don't know how to play lottery).

Also their jewelry makes my mouth water. Currently taking donations to help fund my next purchase. This badass turquoise rose ring.


Rachel said...

I just want you to know that I red that wrong. I saw "nose ring" and thought to myself. OMG, her nose is going to fall off. Seriously, would she do that. I had to read it 3 times before I saw rose ring.

ziondreamer said...

Haaa Rachel that's awesome! I would be so hard core to have a nose ring like that!

Between You and Me said...

can't wait to check out that site...NOW!