Friday, February 11, 2011

In a phase called "Learner"

I have been voraciously researching, asking, observing and learning.

This move to Alabama has taken me to a new place. I am loving being home with the children and exploring the new world of homeschooling and staying with the kids full time. I'm tip-toeing into the idea of homesteading as well.

I am trying to boldly go where many have gone before. Here are some of my questions:

1. What is the best chicken coop?
2. What is the best composting process?
3. How do I build a vegetable garden?
4. What is the best home-schooling curriculum?
5. How do I build a tree-house?
6. What are some good books for kids these days? (age 9,7,5)
7. What kinds of things can I do with all the bamboo on my property?

These are just the few tabs I have open on my desktop right now. Every chance I get I am taking "field trips" to see friends and acquaintances to gain wisdom and counsel.

My main learning quest: Getting to know my children better. I am experiencing them in fresh new ways. I love it. I am blissfully content right now (and pleasantly surprised).


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear you are so content- it's always good to find your sweet spot! I have been attempting to plant a veg garden for the last 2 years and have not gotten around to it- so i am zero help to you in all things farm -like. Jacob just read the Hatchet and it has lots of reading guides to go with, also the Hank Zipper books are fun reads for boys. Can Whutby do Little House books yet? Indian in the cubboard is a favorite too. i miss you alot- will see you soon!

Anonymous said...

ha- not whutby! Whitby

Emily said...

Sent you a booklist. Also, I've been veggie gardening for a few years and would be happy to share tips. Looking forward to seeing you guy next week!!