Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things I learned from my friend Allyson

The kids and I went to Mississippi this weekend to see my friend Allyson (and family).

I call her my "mother-earth" friend. We went to seminary together.

She grinds her own wheat.
She feeds her family healthy stuff.
She drinks a lot of water.
She homeschools her kids.

1. You have to discipline your kids. Rewards are great but you have to balance them with dicipline - - previously discussed, consistent discipline. Tell your kids exactly what will happen for a specific infraction. Then follow through.

2. Inform the kids that discipline counts double if they do it in public.

3. Use tea tree oil for bites. It has anti-bacterial skin healing properties.

4. Eating in is so much better than eating out. Allyson is passionate about food and cooking. She would always choose to stay in and cook for everyone than go out to dinner.

5. Pray with your kids every night. Then come in and pray OVER them after they are asleep. This woman believes in the power of prayer.


Ashley Joy said...

I like this woman a lot. Like, "a lot."

Seriously though, I kinda want her to disciple me.

Between You and Me said...

love this...glad you got to visit with the Willis family.....

introduced her to grinding her own wheat...and now she is totally blowing my mind with all that she is doing....

You moved to ALABAMA? WHERE?? Our first church was in Montgomery....
You're HOMESCHOOLING? You're gonna love it...there is nothing that will refine you more than least that has been my experience!!!