Friday, August 23, 2013

Book Club, anyone?

IF, perchance you are located in the Tuscaloosa area.....

My daughter and I are starting a book club. We want to encourage girls, age 9-11 to join us on our deck overlooking the creek. The book club is called "Mighty Girls". We will explore the lives of Mighty Girls throughout history, both non-fiction and fiction, both in America and abroad. We will focus on values such as: Leadership, Overcoming, Creativity, Justice, Exploration, Adventure, Freedom, Culture, and Becoming the mighty girl/woman that God created you to be!

After we gather interest, we wil pick a time that works for everyone and get to reading! Moms are welcome to drop off, or stay with your daughter and observe.

Message me if you and your daughter are interested. We look forward to hearing from you. We are both super-exicted to get started!

Below are a few options we are considering for our first book:

If you are not in Tuscaloosa, but would like to give your input on each of these books, I would greatly appreciate it! I have not read them all, but have scoured the internet for book reviews.

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