Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The language of our virtues

The sidekicks and I were strolling the Black Worrior River after the farmers market, and my daughter said, "Mom - you're the best mom a girl could ever have." Blushing, I replied, "Well I don't know about that, but thank you very much." She immediately called me out about that. "Don't invalidate my feelings, mom (I kid you not, the 9 year old said that). If I say you are then you are - - in my opinion, you are. I mean. You are such a fun mom. You are energetic and creative. You are a self-starter and a problem-solver. You're never lazy and you never gossip. And you always treat us with respect."

Wow. Totally blown away by this girl. She rattled off 8 or 9 virtues in the blink of an eye.

I did not mean for this post to rabbit trail on my qualities as "the best mom ever". I certainly have more blind-spots than I can count. But I love how the language of our virtues seeps into their everyday vocabulary.

My point is: Our children learn what they hear and see. I talk to them and (try to) model particular virtues in everyday life. They listen and practice and experiment with the virtues we present to them.

What are the virtues that are close to your heart and soul?
What virtues did you learn either directly or indirectly growing up?

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Anna said...

My kids tell me that they like how I always see people in need and ask them how I can help. I personally feel like I do a poor job of this. Maybe they are right. I like what Whit said to you. And I love how she called you out. Good for her and Good for you.. cause you are such a awesome momma.