Friday, November 14, 2008

Catastrophe Overted...

Creighton was driving home from work and happened to glance down a side-street (just off the busy street on which he was driving).
He noticed the head of a little boy (18-20 months roughly). As he looked closer, he noticed that the boy was chasing after his puppy - and that the boy was totally naked!
He whipped around the block to confirm what he thought he saw.

Once again, that was a naked baby boy chasing a puppy near a busy feeder road in Kansas City on a 38 degree day.

So Creighton, slams the car in park and runs to the boy. He wraps the child in his fleece and begins to walk from house to house in an attempt to find out who this AWH pair belongs to. Boy knows one word for sure: Puppy!

After about the 5th house, Creighton notices that the dog heads across the street in a "Lassie-I'll-point-the-way" fashion. So he follows.

Open garage door. Open entry door. Creighton enters the house yelling, "HELLO! ANYONE HOME??"

The dad comes running when he hears the racket. Jaw drops. Eyes as wide as saucers. All he could say was, "Tyler?"

Creighton recounted the story to the man who stood there in shock. The man said, Thank you."
Creighton said, "I need my fleece back."

Silly baby.
Bad daddy.
Good puppy.


Wes said...

...and hooray for Creighton!!!

DogBlogger said...


and yes, hooray for Creighton! (And see, that's why you get a dog instead of a cat... they'll go home...)

Dana said...

So crazy....

In a two week time period, Kurtis and/or I caught 2 little boys out in the middle of 7th street. No one around, anywhere. Had to do the same search for parental units.